Certified Instructors

The instructors listed below are able to certify students with the Cho Global Natural Farming-Hawai`i program.

This is the only certification recognized by Master Cho Han-Kyu Cho of Cho Global Natural Farming Institute in Korea.


Cho Han-Kyu (All Levels)


The Following Members In Good Standing May Teach Introductory KNF and Hands-On Competency Courses:

David Fuertes (Big Island)

Candi Hololio (Big Island)

Leslie Nugent (Big Island)

Jason Riessland (Big Island)

Steve Bolosan (O`ahu)

Joe McGinn (O`ahu)

Cheryl Mendiola (Idaho)

Chris Trump (Idaho)

Kim CS Chang (Retired)

Jeff Merryman (Washington State)

Preston Smith (Southern Oregon)

James Samudio (Texas)

The following members may teach introductory KNF Classes:

Justin Kalland (Big Island)

Adam Dole (Big Island)

Ken Koike (O`ahu)

Michael Yoshitaro Bascuk (O`ahu)

Kristi Thilmony (Florida)

Kate McMaster (Canada)

Lisa Sabatini (Canada)

Chris DeWitt (Canada)


We all have a kuleana (responsibility) to share our passion and enthusiasm for Natural Farming with others, and teach from a place of joy and excitement.

For those wishing to teach Cho Global Natural Farming Hawaii Certification Classes/Courses in an official capacity, we have listed the Teaching Criteria below.


Criteria to teach Introductory KNF classes:
• Member in good standing of Cho Global Natural Farming Hawaii
• Completion of Hands-On Competency Class as well as the competency
• Six months of documented NF practice
• At least one year experience in practicing earth-friendly
farming/gardening techniques
• Co-teach an Introductory class with a certified instructor
• Complete a signed Ethics and Intent Statement


Criteria to teach Hands-On Competency Classes (Input Making):
• Member in good standing of Cho Global Natural Farming – Hawaii
• Must be a Certified Introductory Class Instructor
• Completion of at least two Advanced/Specialty classes.
• At least three years experience in practicing earth-friendly farming/gardening techniques.
• One year of documented Natural Farming practice.
• Teach at least three Introductory classes.
• Co-teach a Hands-On Competency class with a certified instructor.


Are you looking for a certified instructor to teach in your area and train instructors for the future? Let us match you with a certified instructor!

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