Certified Instructors

The instructors listed below are able to certify students with the Cho Global Natural Farming-Hawai`i program.

This is the only certification recognized by Master Cho Han-Kyu Cho of Cho Global Natural Farming Institute in Korea.


Cho Han-Kyu (All Levels)


The Following Members In Good Standing May Teach Introductory KNF and Hands-On Competency Courses:

David Fuertes (Big Island)

Candi Hololio (Big Island)

Leslie Nugent (Big Island)

Jason Riessland (Big Island)

Steve Bolosan (O`ahu)

Joe McGinn (O`ahu)

Cheryl Mendiola (Idaho)

Chris Trump (Idaho)

Kim CS Chang (Retired)

Jeff Merryman (Washington State)

Preston Smith (Southern Oregon)

James Samudio (Texas)

Jace Rivera (Oklahoma)

The following members may teach introductory KNF Classes:

Justin Kalland (Big Island)

Adam Dole (Big Island)

Ken Koike (O`ahu)

Michael Yoshitaro Bascuk (O`ahu)

Kristi Thilmony (Florida)

Kate McMaster (Canada)

Lisa Sabatini (Canada)

Chris DeWitt (Canada)


We all have a kuleana (responsibility) to share our passion and enthusiasm for Natural Farming with others, and teach from a place of joy and excitement.

For those wishing to teach Cho Global Natural Farming Hawaii Certification Classes/Courses in an official capacity, we have listed the Teaching Criteria below.


Criteria to teach Introductory KNF classes:
• Member in good standing of Cho Global Natural Farming Hawaii
• Completion of Hands-On Competency Class as well as the competency
• Six months of documented NF practice
• At least one year experience in practicing earth-friendly
farming/gardening techniques
• Co-teach an Introductory class with a certified instructor
• Complete a signed Ethics and Intent Statement


Criteria to teach Hands-On Competency Classes (Input Making):
• Member in good standing of Cho Global Natural Farming – Hawaii
• Must be a Certified Introductory Class Instructor
• Completion of at least two Advanced/Specialty classes.
• At least three years experience in practicing earth-friendly farming/gardening techniques.
• One year of documented Natural Farming practice.
• Teach at least three Introductory classes.
• Co-teach a Hands-On Competency class with a certified instructor.


Are you looking for a certified instructor to teach in your area and train instructors for the future? Let us match you with a certified instructor!

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