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Natural Farming theory book by Han-Kyu Cho, 2010.

Natural Farming Agricultural Materials (Book).

This manual is based on current information from Master Cho through Kim CS Chang as of January 2019. $5 from each manual purchased goes to Master Cho Han-Kyu. The Digital version of the manual can be downloaded right after you complete your order.  DO NOT SHARE OR REPRODUCE without written permission from CGNFHINC.


Second Edition! The way to Ultra Low-Cost agriculture.

A revolutionary farming method based on oriental philosophy.

Everything you need to know to:

  • Go completely organic
  • Boost quality and yield
  • Save huge, Huge, HUGE costs
  • Make all-natural fertilizer, pesticide, and microorganism inputs yourself

By Youngsang Cho

100 Herbs – JADAM Natural Pesticide. The way to Ultra-Low Cost agriculture. Stop spending money on pesticides. Make your own pesticides with 100 wild herbs growing everywhere. Go organic and cut huge costs at the same time.

By Youngsang Cho

20 laminated, color pages on a ring, covering the 9 core inputs, soil foundation, the nutritive cycle, and more!