Cho Global Natural Farming-Hawaii Incorporated

is filed as a 501(c)(3) Organization in the State of Hawaii


Cho Global Natural Farming Hawaii Incorporated – 501(c)(3)

Mission Statement

The activities of the Corporation shall be those necessary and appropriate to accomplish the purposes of the Corporation as stated in the Articles of Incorporation, including but not limited to:

  1. Encouraging and maintaining a spirit of cooperation among its members to aid the expansion of natural and sustainable agriculture using indigenous microorganisms and locally available agro by-products as espoused by Master Han-Kyu Cho.

  2. Maintaining the integrity of the teachings of Master Han-Kyu Cho and fostering the importance of maintaining that integrity through instructor education using a mentoring model.

  3. Pursuing education, research and promotion of natural farming methods and products on Hawaii Island, in the State of Hawaii and Worldwide.

  4. Fostering and maintaining a venue for the assessment and maintenance of quality natural farming practices and products promulgated by the teachings of Master Han-Kyu Cho.

  5. Cooperating with State and Federal regulatory agencies for the overall welfare of natural farming practices.