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Elijah Stutes

Aloha World,

I am Elijah Stutes, the new Webmaster for Cho Global Natural Farming Hawaii. And I come from the following linage : German, Irish, Hebrew and Native Cherokee. My grandpa, William Nitsche (AKA PaPa) was a German potato farmer, land owner, US Army Efficiency Officer during WWII and worked for NASA during his lifetime.

So I have landscaping, farming and efficient engineering in my blood from my grandpa. On my grandma side Willa Nitsche (AKA NaNa), she was mostly working with people and the banking system at Bank of America, so I have received excellent people stills and basic everyday on the fly math abilities for her.

Cooking - 6 years - P.H. Woods Moreno Valley, California

Baker - 4 years - Home Town Buffet Temecula, California and O'Keefe Bakery Hilo, Hawaii

Computer Business Owner Since 2001 - A+ and MCP from Computer Education Institute (CEI) 

Hewlett-Packard (HP) Ontario, California

Anointed Hands Computers - 2001 - Started in Moreno Valley with $200 and a cellphone

In May of 2014, OpenCodez LLC got its first big customer called Hilo Sharks Coffee. We first bought the legendary domain name HawaiianCacao.com on and built website that was launched on May 17,2014 which boosted and upgraded the whole Cacao industry in Hawaii at that time which in turn got the whole world attention to Hawaiian Chocolate has a flavor.