Steve Bolosan

Taro Farmer / Carpenter / ‘Ukulele Builder N? Mea Kupono Learning Center Steven Bolosan is a Kalo Farmer at a six-acre wetland educational kalo farm in Waialua, O’ahu. He’s been caring for the land for over twenty years and has always had a passion for growing plants from a very young age growing up at Waimea, O’ahu. He spent many years as a youth honing in on his connection with plants and the ‘?ina. Today, he now has the blessing of being a full time kalo farmer where he propagates kalo for poi consumption. He also utilizes his knowledge of growing kalo to mentor and guide our keiki, ‘?pio, and community of how to m?lama ‘?ina (care for the land) through kalo cultivation.

Steven’s goal is not only to plant kalo, but to also plant seeds of aloha in the hearts of those who come to his farm. He’s ultimate goal is to share his love for the land and pass on his knowledge to others. After conventional farming for some years, Steven realized how detrimental this type of farming practice is to the environment. Fortunately, in 2012, a friend told him about an upcoming Natural Farming class. This was how he was introduced to Cho Global Natural Farming when he attended a course held at Windward Community College with Joe McGinn as his instructor. He fell in love with this pono (righteous) practice, and realized that it is in alignment with his values, and thus began his Natural Farming journey.

He has since then attended numerous local workshops conducted by Master Cho and has flown to Korea several times to study under Master Cho and to attend conferences held there. He has hosted KNF workshops at his farm and created a best practice community with others that practice KNF where they have monthly gatherings (Pre-COVID) to support, practice, and live Cho love. What Steven can bring to Cho Global Natural Farming, are his many years of farming experience and his passion for caring for the land in a pono way.

He has had many years of implementing the teachings of Master Cho on his farm and would like to utilize his knowledge to help other to advance in their Natural Farming practices as well. If chosen as a board member, he will bring his aloha and team player attitude. He will humbly work hard to uphold the true teaching of Master Cho. He wishes to bridge O’ahu farmers and Hawai’i island farmers to encourage unity amongst all of Cho Global Natural Farming practitioners.

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