Paul Leveque

Paul Leveque is passionate about the business development side of KNF farming, and reaching the target audience, and he has a teaching background.  As a project manager, with an extensive experience in telephone sales and marketing, he would love to service the recipe method of introducing a behavioral change in our would-be devotee farmer. He envisions a Pay to Play kit, basically 3 cubic feet of soil, the pots to put it in, the mix with water on day 1 formula in a bag, and the 14-day formula in a bag. And it goes on from there for the club of the 21st century to proliferate. It would be a very happy return to my previous field, this time working with C-suite executives to confirm introductory meetings for improving business farming efficiency and increasing bottom line profitability – while letting the microbes do the work. Sort of selling the dating game – yet only this time the product. Becoming a bio-diversitist is cool for anyone with a six by six foot plot with access to light.  

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